Things You know To About Mountain Feist Dog

Description:Mountain Feist Dog

The Mountain Feist puppy is a slick, compact puppy which has a fine profile and short coat. The normal case of the breed stands 10 to 22 inches tall. The ears are pointed out and may be vertical or brushed. As Mountain Feist dogs grow into adults, their own muscle shape becomes more notable. Healthy dogs may have strong legs with curved claws which are sharp and perfect for scaling. This quality boosts the canine’s ability to pursue down evasive little game. Mountain Feist breeders can provide pups at a vast selection of colours, however black, black, black and light brown are the most frequent.

Temperament of a Mountain Feist Dog:

Mountain Feist character includes fascination and higher energy levels. This attentive strain is well-suited for companionship and hunting, provided that owners are ready to give their pet the eye and play time required to maintain the dog happy. The Mountain Feist puppy is a multipurpose puppy which can handle monitoring bigger game in addition to hunting smaller prey like squirrels and raccoon’s They are also quite vocal, usually trapping growls, barks and also the identifying baying that’s frequently connected with hunting breeds. Prospective owners must note that the Mountain Feist is a pack-oriented creature that reveals a strong desire for affection and love. When Mountain Feist dogs are appropriately trained, this strain can be quite attractive for involved owners that enjoy the business of the four legged friends.

Height & Weight:

Typical Mountain Feist dog elevation is 10 to 22 inches (26 to 56 cm)Typical Mountain Feist dog fat is 10 to 30 lbs (4.5 to 13.5 kg)

Health Problems of a Mountain Feist Dog:


Mountain Feist DogNo overall health issues are currently related to the Mountain Feist dog.

Living Conditions:

The Mountain Feist puppy is an active puppy that needs nothing more than searching. The dog ought to be provided ample space to exercise and a good deal of discussion and play with time. Homes with more outdoor area are favored to accommodate the pet’s energy levels. Families with less distance should aim to walk and exercise their own puppy daily.


In the event the Mountain Feist puppy isn’t likely to be used as a searching puppy, then proprietor(s) should plan on walking their pet every day. The dog requires long walks or jogs to assist burn off energy which could collect because of inactivity. Pent up energy could be implemented in unfavorable ways if not correctly handled by the proprietor. Fantastic heeling clinic is essential with this breed since it’s smart with strong hunting instincts. When walking, owners must always keep a position of serene dominance by directing the dog instead of the other way round.


Mountain Feist puppies are wavy and need minimal grooming. Unless they end up in a mud puddle or burr bush, most simply need an occasional brushing to get rid of hairs that are lost.


Nobody knows precisely when the Mountain Feist puppy came into America. Historical records cite the strain and their cousins, the much bigger curs, as helping the early pioneers. The strain’s name can be spelled “Fyce” or “Fice”. Abraham Lincoln penned a poem citing Fice canines ahead of the Civil War. George Washington also discussed his experiences with the strain in a journal.


It’s possible to locate a Mountain Feist combination, although nature, appearance and other factors will likely be affected by the breed characteristics of their non-Feist parent.

Mountain Feist Dog

What colours do Mountain Feist puppies come in:

The Mountain Feist puppy is preferred because of its own intelligence, searching abil

ity and climbing capacity.

Are Mountain Feist’s great for first-time owner? Training?

The Mountain Feist might not be excellent for pet owners due to its high energy levels and searching drive. Prospective owners must thoroughly research the puppy and talk to reputable Mountain Feist breeders to find out more about instruction, training and basic care.

Common mixtures:

Golden Retrievers, Jack Russell Terriers and Labs have all been bred for this puppy. There’s not any Mountain Feist mixed strain pairing that’s notably common.