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Finding Ticks on Your Dog: 5 Places to Look

Ticks on Your Dog

Finding Ticks on Your Dog You quickly run your hands along your pet’s head, back, and belly, and, finding no ticks, you believe that your job is finished. In fact, finding ticks on your pet isn’t too straightforward. These very

Why Does my Dog Pee on my Bed? Will You Care to Know?

Dog Pee on my Bed

Here are some lessons to learn about why dogs do it and some tips on how to make it stop. Read on! Are you annoyed on how much you wake up in the morning with that yellow substance on your

12 tips to keep the dogs warm during winter

dogs warm during winter

Winter is a bad time for outdoor dogs. They are shivering almost to death in the snow or cool breezes that have put the whole city to silence. While you are preparing yourself for the winter months, don’t forget that