Training of Bulldog Shih Tzu Mix

Bulldog Shih

This dog turns out to be somewhat sweet looking despite the ferocious look of the Bulldog. A Bulldog Shih Tzu cross usually has the face and shaggy coat of a Shih Tzu and the stout body and upturned ears of a French bulldog. Their colorings vary and may be plain white, black or tan or black using different colored markings. These hybrid dogs have a calm nature that’s typically in common in other bulldog hybrid dogs.

Bulldog Shih Tzu character:
Don’t be deceived by this dog’s little appearance, they’re full of energy and like to perform. They are loyal and loving dogs and like to be with individuals who match their energy that’s the reason why the Bulldog Shih Tzu is the best companion for a child.

Shih Tzu Bulldog size:
The Bulldog Shih Tzu mix are thought of as a toy dog and don’t grow to be large, weighing 20-30lbs (9-13kg) with a mean height of about 12 inches (30cm).

Bulldog Shih Tzu health issues:
There are no known health conditions of the Bulldog Shih Tzu mix however, both the Bulldog and the Shih Tzu are short-nosed dogs and are more prone to breathing problems that could also be passed on to the mixed breed.

Living conditions:
This is an perfect dog for an apartment because it’s small and dog. It does have a great deal of energy however, meaning that it has to be taken outdoors on a daily basis so that it does not get bored. This dog doesn’t do very well with intense heat and if owners reside in a hot country it’s suggested to keep the dog in a location where the temperature is beneficial.

Bulldog Shih Tzu exercise:
Despite the fact that this is a little dog it does have to be exercised every day. It enjoys running and since it learns quickly you can exercise it by playing a game of fetch. These dogs are prone to putting on weight easily as the Bulldog is known to consume non-stop.

Shih Tzu Bulldog mix grooming:
This medium haired dog is simple to keep and just has to be brushed three times each week to keep its coat shiny and free of tangles. Additionally it is suggested to feed this sort of dog a hard boiled egg once every 2 weeks as it’s thought to help keep their coat healthy.