How many animals are abused each year?

How many animals are abused each year?

The severity of cruelty in this world is astounding. And it tries the mind to grasp it’s entity. How many animals are abused each year? globally is one of the cruel questions in the society. It’s important to realise the true extent of our impact on the animals and be able to share reliable data while educating. Believe it or not, statistics can sometimes change minds. Using false and unsubstantial data doesn’t matter how emotionally compelling does a disservice to the animal rights cause. Things are horrific enough and we don’t have to exaggerate and falsify data. Some of the major abuses around the world which are increasing day by day are mentioned below.

Dog Fighting
After the civil war, dogfighting became common among police officers and firemen as a source of entertainment. Today dog fighting has been reported in urban, sub urban and rural settings. It is estimated that there are ten thousands of people involved in dog fighting today. And it’s not just people from places of social decay. Im the last few years, lawyers, judges and teachers have all been charged with offences related to dogs.

Caged Hens
Most egg producing hens spend their lives in cages with a floor space no big than a piece of standard letter paper. The practice has thankfully been banned in Europe. However, for a hen to be classed as free range, it only needs two square feet of space each, that’s around the same size of most computer screens. And not even enough space to flap ors wings.

Animal Testing
Every year over 1000 million animals are burned, crippled or poisoned. Animal receive ministry legal protection under the ‘Animal Welfare Act’ but mice, rats, birds, reptiles and amphibians are exempt from this. To understand the scale of experimentation, over 50 experiments involving around 12000 animals are carried out in order to register a single pesticide.

Animal Hoarding
It has been estimated that there are 900 to 2000 new cases every year of animal hoarding with around 250000 animals falling victim. Around 72% of hoarders are women and the most common animal victims of hoarders are cats followed by dogs, although many different species are affected.

Rodeo animals are in constant trauma. They incur many horrific injuries such as broken ribs, punctured lungs and ripped tendons and they suffer agonising deaths. Despite increased publicity about animal cruelty PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) has fine nothing to improve animal safety.



These are some of the major abuses faced by animals which shows that their rights and protection is at its minimum. Animals in the existing world even face the major threats of death and cruel abuses. How many animals are abused each year? gets its answer with cruel reality that the number of abused animals are increasing each year. This really tends to be bitter but it needs to be improved by the society its which is the main reason for this bitter truth. These are only some of the major types of abuses while animals face a lot more in various regions.