5 Secrets to Fighting Cat Bad Breath

cat bad breath

Cat bad breath is not normal like any other minor problem. Many people may not realise this. It’s actually a symptom of dental disease or oral disease that involves gingivitis, plague and bacteria. Infant the plaque and bacteria which you recognise as coloured dark surface on the teeth.

Reasons for cat bad breath:

  • Plaque and bacteria are how dental disease initiates.
  • The plaque and bacteria in the mouth lead to gingivitis. They irritate the gums and the body’s response is the inflammation of the gums. This gingivitis is actually the initial stage.
  • If this is left unchecked, it leads to periodontal disease which involves the deeper structures, the supporting structures around the teeth. This poses a significant risk because periodontal disease is known to affect the rest of the body. The chronic inflammation of the gums which can be painful as well allows access to the bacteria to the bloodstream and allows the access to the organs that are significant to the half of the body.
  • We know that periodontal disease is linked to many health conditions including conditions that involve the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and even the joints. So, the corner stone of managing this is the oral hygiene.

cat bad breath

How to prevent bad breath:

  • The best way to remove cat bad breath is with daily home care by brushing your cat’s teeth.
  • If, you cannot achieve this on routine daily basis, it’s very critical to do regular professional cleanings with your veterinarian. Regular professional cleanings are only useful if they involve anaesthesia because it’s very important to het under the gum line. It’s actually the plaque and bacteria under the gum line that cause the problem.
  • If the anaesthesia is not used and you are only removing the plaque and bacteria on the surface of gum line, it is not under the gum line, it is not served a medical benefit but only gives a cosmetic benefit.
  • It is also important to know that providing dry food does not do anything to clean the teeth. Dry food might remove a little bit of plaque an tartar on the crowns of the teeth. But the part that really matters to the health of the animal is at the gum line and under the gum line and dry food does nothing to address this.
  • There are many tool toys available to help with dental care as well and remove cat bad breath. In fact, this is termed passive home care as compared to active home care which would involve brushing the teeth.

cat bad breath


But one of the things you want to make sure you evaluate is the safety of your pet. In fact, the rule formed among the veterinary dentists is that of the tool toy cannot be bent or indented with your finger nail, it’s not safe for the pet because they can break the tooth on it. There are many passive tool toys that are marketing oriented but actually not safe. One way of knowing the validity of the product is to look for approval or a seal from VOHC. That stands for veterinary oral health council. When you see seal of approval you can be confidently that this product has been evaluated by the veterinary dentist and can be effective for the removal of plaque and tartar and disappearance of cat bad breath.