12 tips to keep the dogs warm during winter

dogs warm during winter

Winter is a bad time for outdoor dogs. They are shivering almost to death in the snow or cool breezes that have put the whole city to silence. While you are preparing yourself for the winter months, don’t forget that may be your dog is not originated from a cold climate, so he needs a proper care in this season. We have a collection of a few tips explaining how to keep the dogs warm during winter. Find out more ideas about Dogs Pain.

Let’s take a look

1. Give him a bed under the roof

You are perhaps, not too sure whether your dog is okay with the cold rain or snow which is expected to fall anytime. Even if you are, wouldn’t you want to be careful that your dog stays nice and warm during the winters? Therefore, arrange a bed for him inside the house so that the climate becomes bearable to him

2. Don’t shave off his hair

The thick hair on his body is giving him warmth so it them grow in this season so that it provides necessary cold protection to the dog.

Not just that, you need to maintain the hair that is growing by brushing the knots throughout his body.

3. Don’t bathe your dog outside

At this time of the year, fear your dogs of getting a cold. On many occasions, dogs die because they cannot stand the cold season outside and they are not adequately taken care of. While you are petting your dog, make sure to bath him inside the house and take him out only and once he has dried completely.

4. Provide your dog some heat

How you warm yourself by sitting near the fireplace, do the same for your dog. Bring him inside and make him enjoy the heat which he is desperately needing. If not a fireplace, get a heated dog bed for him. You can use a hot water bottle as well, whichever way works for you.

5. Regularly clean his bed

Insects during winters are looking for a warmer place. Keep a regular cleaning check on your dog’s bed will make sure that the mess and germs do not stay for too long.

6. Get them booties

While walking on the snow, their paws might get cold which in turn would affect the whole body.  Covering the paws with booties can effectively keep them warm and help your dog walk more comfortably.

7. Keep antifreeze out of dog’s reach

Antifreeze attracts pets in this season, also because it is sweat. However, beware of this product as it is poisonous – actually, the ingredient ethylene glycol is toxic. Even a few drops of it can kill your dog. In case you think that your dog has had an antifreeze intake, go to the veterinarian immediately!

8. Feed them with more calories

Do not overstuff your dog but provide him some extra calories, more than he usually consumes. Food keeps a body warm.

9. Dogs also need clothes

Does their winter shopping like you do for yourself? Many times, their hair is not an enough covering to help them beat the cold. Hence, get them warm jackets and sweaters.

10. Put him in the kennel if indoor is not an option

A dog’s kennel can also be a good choice as it is a safe house for all dogs. If keeping them indoor is not an option, you can insulate the kennel well and then let your dog stay inside it.

11. Try new winter food recipes for dogs

Your dog needs a lot of care and attention during winters. If you expect them to be loyal to you, they expect you to be extra loving! Try new food recipes to feed them well during winters. This is an excellent article to follow for winter food recipes

12. Insulate dog house floor with straws

Straws are good to protect the floor where the dog is residing. It has voted the best among hay and other products in case of insulation.

Your dog needs affection more than ever in winter. Follow these tips to help the dogs keep warm during winter.