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Facts About the Carolina Dog Breed

Carolina Dog Breed Information and Pictures In the event that you should observe a Carolina Dog in individual, you could easily mistake it for some wild dingo (it is often called the “American Dingo” or “Yellow Dog”). Actually, Carolina Dogs

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Next Pet

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Next Pet

Congratulations — you are getting a brand new furry addition to the household! Needless to say, now that you have decided you are prepared for the pitter patter of paws, there are plenty of different choices to be made. Most

Feliway for Cats: A Pet Parent’s Guide


Feliway is a safe, Natural and Effective way to improve problem behavior and help your Furry Friend to Deal with changes such as moving house and introducing new pets What is Feliway? Cats are very susceptible to pheromones, let us

12 tips to keep the dogs warm during winter

dogs warm during winter

Winter is a bad time for outdoor dogs. They are shivering almost to death in the snow or cool breezes that have put the whole city to silence. While you are preparing yourself for the winter months, don’t forget that

How to dehydrate sweet potatoes for Dog ?

dried sweet potatoes

The way to dehydrate sweet potatoes?? Is the subject we’ll discuss in our post and will attempt to clarify deeply so remain with us. Yes, dogs may eat the sweet potatoes since they have excellent benefits for the health of

Can You Guess Which Breed These Dog Haikus Represent?

This week we felt like getting a little poetic and just a wee bit mysterious. We wrote some haikus about dog breeds. Can you guess which breed is the subject of each poem? (Answer to the main image above is